With social distancing, self-isolation and the key threat of Coronavirus, it is a deeply worrying and potentially lonely time for all of us. It has been heartening to see many examples of the country continuing to soldier on regardless creating solutions to deal with the restrictions.

This creativity and spirit has also been needed in the workplace and particularly in the area of Wills. This area of law is one which relies on face-to-face meetings between legal advisors and their clients, such as in needing the physical presence of the Will-maker and two witnesses to put the document in place at the end of the process. As you can imagine, the current climate has seen a sharp increase in those wanting to ensure that their affairs are in order, but many of you who have requested our help are elderly, vulnerable or self-isolating. So, how do you put a Will in place but ensure that you are not at risk in doing so?

Sussex Law, are committed to doing whatever we can to help you in this difficult time and to give you peace of mind. Our solution to this dilemma has been to take instructions from you over the telephone or by Skype and, then, to act as your witnesses….at your door or through your window.

We have already been visiting you around the Brighton standing at back doors and in gardens to witness the signing of your Wills and are happy to keep helping you in this way for as long as this crisis needs.

If you are concerned to get your affairs in order in a Will but are unable or are worried about leaving your home, please contact us. We will do our utmost to help.

Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney, are legal documents registered with the Court of Protection enabling you to appoint representatives to act on your behalf.

Registering a lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a way of giving someone you trust, known as your attorney, the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf. This could be because you no longer wish to make decisions for yourself, or in future you are not able to make those decisions.
No one automatically has the right to deal with your bank accounts and pensions, or to make decisions about your health and social care should you lose the capacity and are unable to make these decisions for yourself.
By making Lasting Powers of Attorney you are able to appoint nominated persons to act on your behalf, should the need arise.

Whilst you still have capacity, you are able to appoint nominated persons to act on your behalf if the need arose. You may limit the power to suit your particular circumstances.

There are two different types of LPA, one covering Property and Financial decisions, and one covering decisions about your wellbeing. You are able to make just one or both, and you can always make another if needed.

Property and Financial Affairs

Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs, allow your attorneys to make financial decisions for you. This can be whilst you still have capacity, but are struggling to deal with day to day running of your property or financial affairs.

Circumstances where the document could be used are:

  • Selling or purchasing property on your behalf
  • Opening, closing or managing bank accounts
  • Paying your bills and expenses
  • Dealing with tax issues
  • Claiming benefits

You are able to specify the scope of your Attorneys involvement, and you can specify that the document only be used once you have lost capacity.

Health and Welfare

Lasting Powers of Attorney for Health and Welfare, allow your attorneys to make decisions about your wellbeing only when you do not have the capacity to do so. This also covers when you are ill, or you are in a medical situation (such as being unconscious) where you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

This power can also extend to decisions about Life Sustaining Treatment if you wish.

Types of decisions that can be made are:

  • Consent to give/refuse medical treatments.
  • Where you live, and who you have contact with
  • Your daily care, to include diet and dress

It is important to note, Attorneys will not be able to act for you if you did still have capacity to make these decisions for yourself.

Single Basic Will: £200+ VAT
Joint Basic Will: £350+ VAT
Living Will: £200+ VAT
Trust Wills: starting at £400+ VAT

For a single person
Health & Welfare only: £275+ VAT
Property & Financial Affairs only: £275+ VAT
Both Types of LPA: £500+ VAT

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