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Here you will find our current rates for our Conveyancing, Wills and LPA’s


PRICE RANGE 0 – 250000 250000-500000 500000-1M 1M PLUS
SALE  FREEHOLD £725.00 £795.00 £850.00 £1,025.00
PURCHASE  FREEHOLD £795.00 £850.00 £950.00 £1,200.00
SALE  LEASEHOLD £825.00 £895.00 £950.00 £1,125.00
PURCHASE  LEASEHOLD £895.00 £995.00 £1,050.00 £1,225.00
All prices are + VAT
Single basic Will £175 + VAT
Joint basic Will £300 + VAT
Living Will £150 + VAT
Trust Wills starting at £400 + VAT
Home Visits In Area Please add a flat fee of £50 + VAT to the above prices
Lasting Powers of Attorney
For a single person
Health and Welfare only £275 + VAT
Property and Financial Affairs only £275 + VAT
Both Types £500 + VAT
For a couple
Health and Welfare only £500 + VAT
Property and Financial Affairs only £500 + VAT
Both types £950 + VAT
Our Lasting Power of Attorney fees include work for registering them.
Please note there is also a £82.00 fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian for the registration per 
 Lasting Power of Attorney. This may be reduced if you are in receipt of certain benefits or on a low income.

Why do you need to think about making a will?

How many times have you said to yourself “I must do that at some point”

Why do you need to make a will?

Unfortunately, if you keep putting if off you run the risk, that when you die, your wishes may not be automatically carried out.

Your loved ones could be put under undue stress and have the added worry of having to apply to the Court to try and administer your estate fairly.

The worst case scenario is that the Government could take everything.
It is worth putting a little time aside so you can plan your will. (more…)

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Estate Agents, Do you trust yours?

3 bedroom detached country residence!

The dodgy estate agent tactics that leave buyers and sellers out of pocket


Buyers at one agent are offered £1,000 if they use in-house services – but this is shaved off their bid, a whistleblower said.

There’s a joke among estate agents that they no longer sell houses – instead, they increasingly profit from mortgage broking and conveyancing services, causing buyers and sellers to lose out. 

“It’s all about selling mortgages these days,” said Jenny*, who has worked in the industry for 10 years at a large chain based in the South East.


Will and Lasting Power of Attorney Clinic


Do you need any assistance with your Will?

 Sussex Law is offering a free Will and Lasting Power of Attorney advice clinic. We can cover the majority of your questions, such as:- (more…)

Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Mental and physical incapacity can become a reality at any point in your life. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document, recognised by financial institutions, which give your nominated attorneys the power to manage your affairs on your behalf. This can be limited to Property and Financial Affairs, Health and Welfare, or both.


Lasting Powers of Attorney do not mean that someone has total control over you. You can limit when the attorneys can act, for example only when you have lost capacity.  (more…)

Free Will Scheme



Sussex Law is proud to be supporting well-respected charities, to offer members of the public the opportunity to have their Wills written or updated free of charge (more…)

Wills Advice, Sussex Law, Patcham, Brighton

Wills Advice

Ensuring your wishes are followed is vital and getting the right person to prepare your Will gives you the peace of mind this will happen.

At Sussex Law, our expert team take all circumstances into consideration and provide advice to meet your needs.

Have peace of mind

Writing a Will means you can put your affairs in order and leave clear instructions to assist the loved ones that you leave behind. You can name Executors to manage the administration of your estate and Guardians to look after any children you may have.

Reducing stress after you are gone

Having a Will in place can help prevent complications in the administration of your estate, reduce potential stress for those you leave behind and minimise family disagreements. You can also state your preferred funeral arrangements to make sure your loved ones know what your wishes are.

Protecting your assets

A Will can help minimise the effect of Inheritance Tax or residential care fees upon the value of your estate. This can help protect the value of your property or savings for future generations. Click here for a list of our current charges  (more…)

SDLT, Stamp duty & stamp duty land tax Brighton Conveyancing



Budget 2017. Stamp duty freeze saves first-time buyers up to £5,000 on £300,000 house.

The Chancellor announced today (22/11/17) that first-time buyers will not have to pay any stamp duty on the first £300,000 of any home that costs up to £500,000 with immediate effect, . This means that on a home worth less than £300,000, you will not be required to pay any stamp duty…. (more…)

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