A number of our conveyancing clients are making enquiries due to the uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and uncertainty with regards to exchange and completion.  

The Law Society have now published guidance in relation to COVID 19 and full details can be found on the link as set out below:-

There are currently no new conveyancing procedures available to deal with any issues arising as a result of the Coronavirus and the terms of your Contract will continue to prevail. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep up to date with the Government’s and Law Society’s advice.

Our offices remain open at the present time. Whilst we are open, we will be safeguarding the well being of our clients and our staff. We have put a number of steps in place to ensure that we help keep our staff, clients and the wider community as safe as possible during these uncertain times.

Going forward, we have systems in place and staff are able to work remotely from home if necessary.

We have a general policy that is being implemented with regards to clients’ appointments.

All pre-arranged visits will be kept to a minimum and we will have “distancing” measures in place. Where possible, we would prefer to carry out any appointments that do not require “face to face meetings” by “Skype”.

In addition, we would ask that all clients make an appointment if they wish to attend the office for any reason. In line with other companies we have also implemented a “no handshaking” policy to avoid any unnecessary personal contact.

If you do attend the office, we will be seeking confirmation as to whether you have within the last 14 days been in self-isolation due to suspected symptoms or Coronavirus or have self-isolated due to contact with someone with suspected symptoms of Coronavirus. We will also require confirmation as to whether you have travelled abroad within the last 14 days including details as to where you have travelled to/from.

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