Why do you need to think about making a will?

How many times have you said to yourself “I must do that at some point”

Why do you need to make a will?

Unfortunately, if you keep putting if off you run the risk, that when you die, your wishes may not be automatically carried out.

Your loved ones could be put under undue stress and have the added worry of having to apply to the Court to try and administer your estate fairly.

The worst case scenario is that the Government could take everything.
It is worth putting a little time aside so you can plan your will.
1. Convenient and easy.

You can pop in to see your local Solicitor
You can fill out a questionnaire and have your Solicitor send a draft of your Will in the post
You can order a will kit from Amazon or go to the the Post Office and just do it yourelf, this is a choice if you are just a little bit crazy. Would you really want to leave family members stressed and at worst squabbling over things that were left out or not even thought about.

2. Peace of Mind

You can appoint people of your choice to look after your affairs and ensure your wishes are carried out exactly with someone skilled and knowledgeable to advise.
You can appoint your solicitor to administer your estate taking the stress away from loved one’s by not giving them the burden and the responsibility.
You can also make tax free gifts to loved ones, provide for the welfare of your pets, and arrange any gifts to favourite charities and good causes.
Once your Will has been completed, you can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that it has been done, and be safe in the knowledge that everyone you really care about will be taken care of.
You will feel assured that your will is being kept safely in storage and that if you ever need to review it, you can just call your solicitor and arrange an appointment to do so.

3. Reassurance

Why not give us a call to discuss your needs or if you are local to arrange an appointment.
We care and we will listen to you, we will also be sensitive to your needs and be supportive.
In death, (it comes to all of us) your probate will be handled sympathetically and we will ensure your wishes are precisely managed .

4. Beneficiaries

Make sure that your beneficiaries get as much as possible from what you leave behind.
A correctly drafted will is a way of ensuring that the Government get the minimum amount possible in Inheritance tax and other duties
Sussex Law Solicitors will arrange a discount for multiple wills covering spouses, partners and family members being drafted at the same time.
We will agree a fixed fee for drafting your will without any hidden charges
We suggest that you avoid banks and supermarket chains who offer to administer your Estate, this can be a more costly and far less friendly outcome.

So, next time you say to yourself “I must do my will” or “we must do our wills” give us a call, you will be surprised how easy and painless it will be, and how much better you will feel once it is done!

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